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After Bas Koster, Marc Jacobs, Paul Frank and last year’s Missoni, Bugaboo now presents their first Scandinavian collaboration. On May 1st a limited collection of 20 numbered strollers with pattern designed by Mini Rodini.

The brands Bugaboo and Mini Rodini are a perfect match. Design, function and quality are both brands’ watchwords and both are already many parents’ favourite choice. Together they have designed an iconic, modern and humourous stroller.

- We really love Mini Rodini’s design and are so excited to see Bugaboo in this iconic design. We have been following them for a while now and now the right time has come to create a cool design together, says Madeleen Klaasen, Bugaboo CMO.

The limited edition will result in 20 numbered Bugaboo Cameleon with Mini Rodini’s design and selling starts on May 1st.

…В детстве у меня не было велосипеда. Много лет позже, чтобы научить собственного ребенка кататься на велосипеде, пришлось с него снимать педали и первым делом учить ребенка балансу.
Если бы в результате я могла придумать велосипед мечты — то каким бы он был? Быстрым, лёгким. Чтобы девчонки завидовали его необычности, а мальчишки — поражались тому, как с ним удобно. Чтобы родители никогда не беспокоились о том, не уеду ли я слишком далеко, а мне было не страшно с него в случае чего упасть, ноги доставали до земли для уверенности, а педали не мешались на первых порах.

ретро-байк из англии для самых маленьких

Если первый велосипед вашего ребенка вы видите примерно в таком же свете как и я, а также создатель Early Rider – Andy Loveland из Англии – то вам обязательно следует прочитать эту статью и посмотреть видео:

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From prehistoric & ancient times drawing & painting on the walls was the only method for reflecting  human life , would it be mammoth hunt or love story.

In modern adult’s world walls are not that ofter considered as a canvas for creativity, though. We prefer wallpaper & paint to be in neutral magnolia. Which is than rarely decorated with bright spots in the form of travel souvenirs or supermarket poster. And only the brave have a gift of going wild and arranging bright colours into something attractive, which doesn’t scream “OMG, what have they done?!” at onyone entering the room.

Nevetherless, with kids rooms, its completely different. How many parents there can brag the fact that they managed to avoid their children colouring the walls & everything around in designs & patterns which only they can understand? Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms and the bright atmosphere of the room will be definitely remembered by most kids for the rest of their lives.

So for those of you

- who don’t want to supress the creativity from early age,

- want their children to remember their room’s interior in a very nice way,

- but want to avoid accidental & unexpected drooling elsewhere in the house,

there is a suitable option from Mini Moderns  – Tick-Tock wallpaper, which you can colour as you wish. And because its already has the outlined shapes of million different clocks, may be you can also try to teach your kid how to define the right time on the clock. “2 in 1″ product, just as we like these days.

The colouring wallpaper is available in snow & blue, plus there is an “In Town” option – all available from French online boutique Bodie & Fou.

And if you’re a more conservative & savvy type of parent, may be you’ll find Knock-Knock wallpaper with big digits print more suitable for your future maths genius, especially with the discount price offered at the moment.

Настенный альбом для рисования

Make a first step to the new interior of your kid’s room – buy Tick-Tock wallpaper now

Splats RainSplats SP Original Boots - which colour going to be yours?

Using prints from her archives and experience as a parent, Diane von Furstenberg created a new collection for Gap Kids, which will hit US stores & online at on March 15th, & UK and the rest of the World on March 28th, 2012.

Colourful baby soft jersey rompers, t-shirts, leggings & cotton dresses with applique are going to be a hit with the parents.

I especially like the print in black&white with DVF & hearts on baby clothing.

Don’t miss it! It is going to be great!

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